Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Mini Golf Fun

Ever since we took the kids mini golfing, they have been asking to go play again.

Finally, we had a weekend that there wasn't too much going on, so we decided to surprise them with some mini golf!

They were so excited and ready to play. They also didn't waste anytime in reminding me that last time we played I hit the ball into the water and couldn't find it. Thanks kids. 

It was a very warm day, but we still had lots of fun. It was a lot better playing this time around because there wasn't so many people there playing. We could actually take our time and have lots of fun. Even with McKenna's crazy swing she had going on, she made a hole in one. The one and only for the Polnicky family. She was so happy and excited. 

Seeing the smiles on the kids faces while we played brought so much joy to Courtney and I. We love that we can go out and do something that all of us are going to enjoy and we look forward to doing some more mini golf in our future!

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

McKenna's First Day of Pre-K

And it's here... 
McKenna Grace is starting Pre-K. 

McKenna has been looking forward to this day since moving here. She has been wanting to be in school just like sissy, and now it's finally her time. 

McKenna will be going to school for a few hours, Monday thru Thursday and will even be eating lunch with her friends and teachers at school. She was so excited about being able to get her own lunch box and last night was very eager to be telling me the things she wanted to eat at lunch, like sissy does. 

Let me tell you. I was very nervous with bringing McKenna to school. Not that I didn't think she was ready because I know she's more then ready, but there were many times she had come to me and cried telling me she didn't want to leave me during the day. 

But oh my, it made my heart so happy seeing her go right into her classroom this morning, hug her teachers, and start playing with all her new friends. She didn't even shed a tear, but mommy secretly did. 

Happy first day of school, McKenna Grace!

Sunday, September 3, 2017

Ed Sheeran!!!

Back in March, for my birthday, Courtney got me tickets to see one of my favorite artists in concert, ED SHEERAN!! I was in complete shock that he got me tickets to see him, and even more shocked that my sister and her roomie, Emily were joining me. 

The down side of it, was I had to wait until September. 
March to September... wow, what a long wait!! But it was so worth it!!

It was such a fun night. It's been so long since I had been to a concert, so I was both excited and nervous at the same time. And to add to the nervousness, I was told about a half hour before we left the house, that we would be getting a motel room and staying the night. I have never left Logan over night, so I immediately got teary eyed. I know I need my time away from the kids, but it's hard for me to leave them. 

But all and all, everything went really well and was happy to have my night out with my sister and Emily! 

Thanks Courtney Ryan for such an awesome birthday present and thank you Jo and Emily for giving me a great day/night out in Charlotte! And thanks to Ed for putting on a great concert!! 

Monday, August 28, 2017

McKaila's First Day of 1st Grade

WOW!! I can't believe we have a 1st grader!!

As you can tell by the smile on McKaila's face, she was so excited to get back to school and start 1st grade. 

Last week, we went to meet the teacher night at school and McKaila got to meet her new teacher, Ms. Finley. As always with meeting new people, McKaila was very shy, but once we got home, she started talking about the familiar faces she saw in her classroom and how excited she is to have Ms. Finley as her 1st grade teacher. 

Monday, August 21, 2017

Solar Eclipse

The Polnicky household was very excited about the upcoming solar eclipse. I was able to snag a book that included glasses along with 2 other glasses about 2 months before the eclipse. Thankfully, I got them when I did because many people were scrambling to find some glasses at the very last minute. 

The eclipse started by us around 1:20ish and the total eclipse was around 2:40. Unfortunately, we didn't see that total eclipse here, but it was about 95%. 

We did get to see the many different locations that did experience the total eclipse by watching the NASA channel. The kids would freak out every time the screen would go black by the moon covering the sun. So, when it came close to the total eclipse time here in Huntersville, McKaila got pretty bummed out because she wanted to see what she was seeing on the tv. But even with that, the girls kept coming in and out with me to witness the eclipse and was in awe of all that was happening. 

Logan looked up once, before he fell asleep. Guess it was too much excitement for him.

Saturday, August 19, 2017

Sky Top Orchard and The Carl Sandburg Home

It's that time again... time to pick some apples. I am so used to picking apples in Michigan and having it beautiful fall weather, but here, not so much. I believe it was in the mid 80's, but oh so hot. But even with the hotness of the day, it was a fun time. 

We decided to head back up into the mountains to the same place we picked apples last year. It was the first weekend they were opened, so I was worried that it was going to be too busy, but it wasn't too bad. 

We started off by walking up and finding the honey crisp apple trees. Thankfully, we came when we did because our favorite apples are the honey crisp and those were very limited. But, we were able to get a bushel full of some good apples and we're excited to get home and eat them and bake some apple crisp.

Love the view here

So excited to pick some apples

McKenna is always happiest with the lambies

After picking apples, having a picnic lunch, enjoying donuts and apple cider slushes, and then letting the kids play in the park for a while, we decided to explore the area a little bit. So, we got into the car to cool off and drove around to explore. We came across the Carl Sandburg Home, which is a National park. We had no idea whose house this was or anything, but we thought it would be cool to walk the trails and see what it had to offer us. 

Come to find out, Carl Sandburg was a writer and best known for writing biographies on Abraham Lincoln. He wrote many more things, but was best known for that. 

But the kids favorite thing, other then running on the trails was seeing all the goats on the property. Carl's wife was a huge goat lover and started producing milk and cheese which was then sold around the local area. 

It was a great stop and always love finding random areas to stop and explore. 

It was a very fun day! Love seeing the kids smile from ear to ear when they see the beautiful surroundings and get to be out doing something fun! 

Thanks for another fun year of apple picking, Sky Top!!