Thursday, November 16, 2017

Cheyenne, Wyoming

I put it on Facebook a couple weeks ago, that we finally had confirmation that we were moving to Cheyenne, Wyoming. Well... most of you don't know that this move is going to be happening in a few weeks. 

We actually have known for a long while now that Courtney got the job in Cheyenne, but with all that had to come orders. And to get those orders, Courtney had to get signatures from people all throughout the base here, Raleigh, and Cheyenne, so yea... it seemed like it took forever. 

We were really hoping the process was going to happen a lot faster then what it did because we didn't want to be traveling in the snow, but oh well, we will make the best of it. 

We have told the kids, and they are excited to live where it snows and be able to see mountains. They saw all the pictures Courtney took there this past summer and McKaila started saying that is somewhere where she would like to live someday. We did mention to the girls that they were going to start new schools after the new year and they surprised me at how happy they were about it. Courtney has made phone calls to their new schools and have showed the girls pictures online, so I think they will do a lot better with the transition then I originally thought. 

It will take about 4-5 days to travel there with some stops in between. We are going to stop in MS for a day to visit with the Papa family and make a stop in Dallas for some fun with Courtney's dad and step mom. Hoping to get the chance to take the kids to see ICE! at the Gaylord while we are there. We are hoping that breaking up the days just a little will help the many days of travel we are about to endure. 

When it comes time for us arriving in Cheyenne, we will not have a house yet. We currently do have the address to our new home (which is 4 bedroom, YAY!!!) but we won't be able to move into our new home until the middle of January. So, unfortunately we will be spending our first Christmas in Cheyenne in temporary lodging. It is definitely not what I wanted, but we will make the best of it. As long as we are together as a family, I will be happy! 

So, yeah, I am currently making myself go a little crazy thinking of everything that needs to be done around the house and what needs to be done for the kids for the long days of travel in the car. oh yeah, and being without all of our stuff for a month. Thankfully, we have movers that are coming into to pack everything and then load it into the truck, which is one less thing we need to worry about. I wouldn't even want to know the stress that would come with having to pack everything ourselves. 

It has been fun living here in North Carolina, especially having all the NASCAR stuff around us, but to be honest I am ready to move on from here. I am excited for our new adventure. Yes, I am nervous to once again move our family to another state, but I truly believe that Wyoming may be the place for us right now. 

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Happy Halloween 2017


McKenna Grace as Doc McStuffins
Logan James as Lightning McQueen
McKaila Rose as Wonder Woman

We had to include Pebbles in the fun too... 

Pebbles as Super Doggie

We had a quick but fun night out for trick or treating. McKaila was still on the mend from having an ear infection plus strep throat, so we had to tell the kids that trick or treating was going to have to be just around the block and then back home to hand out candy. 

Even with just going around the block, the kids got so much candy and had so much fun. Logan was so into it this year. He was always the first one up to the door and then would come to Courtney and I to tell us he got another piece of candy. He was very excited about each and every house, which was so cute. 

As soon as the sun went down, it got really chilly, and the kids complained they were getting cold. So, back home we went and the kids helped hand out candy until it was time for bed. 

It may have been a shorten Halloween for the kids, but they still enjoyed every little minute of it! Always warms our hearts, to see them enjoying themselves so much!

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Happy 7th Birthday, McKaila Rose!

Our little pumpkin is now 7 years old!

The night before McKaila's birthday, she got to open a special birthday present from Grandpa and Grandma Kuipers. They had a special My Little Pony outfit made for her and it was perfect for a birthday outfit. 

She was so excited about it and couldn't wait to go to school on her birthday to show it off!

In the years previous, for the kids birthday's we've blown up tons of balloons and have hung them from the ceiling. Here it's difficult to do because there are popcorn ceilings, so nothing sticks to them. So, we kept it a little more simple this year and hung a happy birthday sign and got her some balloons. 

A special surprise from Auntie when she got home from school! Hello Kitty Edible Arrangments

Time to blow out 7 candles!
Just like every year prior, McKaila was a spoiled birthday girl, and she enjoyed every little minute of it. 


Saturday, October 14, 2017

McKaila's Birthday Fun Day

We did McKaila's birthday fun day a little early this year, so Amber could join in on the fun with us. 

Usually the kids are all about going to an aquarium or zoo to see the animals, but this year, McKaila said she wanted to go to the Discovery Place. There are a couple different ones around the area, so I explained them to her and she chose Discovery Place Science. 

She was so excited and she was even more excited that Auntie and Alex could be there to have fun with us.

As we were walking to the Discovery Place, we came up on an arts and crafts area. There were guys making stuff out of tree stumps, there were some awesome dream catchers and so many cool things. And we came across Optimus Prime. McKaila knows Optimus Prime from Transformers, in which she tells everyone, that's how mommy and daddy came up with my name. Because there was a McKaila in the movie. She thinks that's a cool story to tell!

Panthers Drum Line playing at Discovery Place

McKaila being a monkey

Discovery Place Science was so cool and so much fun for all of us! 

When we asked McKaila what her favorite part of it was, she said all of it and said it with a great big smile on her face!! 

Birthday fun day success!!!!!

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Bank of America 500

Something that the kids have been asking to do since the last race is going back to yet another race. We really wanted to go back to Bristol, but it was a night race with no motel availability, so we had to opt out on that race. So, we just had to wait until the race came back to Charlotte. 

What the kids didn't know once we got the tickets for race day, was that we had a special surprise for them. They didn't know anything about it until we were waiting in the tunnel to go back before the race. 


Once we explained where we were going, they just kept asking if we were going to see Dale or Jimmie. They were so excited, which Courtney and I were hoping for. I mean this is an once in a lifetime thing for them and to see those huge smiles on their faces and the excitement, it just warms your heart so much. 

I think that Logan could have stood there all day watching them get ready for the race

As we were walking around the pit area, we decided to head towards the back of the pit area and check out the track side live event. Back there, we stumbled across the trophy which was pretty neat to see, but while we were checking out the trophy, a gentleman came up to us, asking if we'd like to go get some autographs from the drivers as they were walking into the drivers meeting. Without a second though, Courtney and I both said "YES!"

Chris Buescher #37

AJ Allmendinger #47

Jeffrey Earnhardt #33 (Dale Jr.'s nephew)

Joey Logano #22

Trevor Bayne # 6

Ryan Blaney #21

Ricky Stenhouse Jr. #17

Chase Elliot #24

Daniel Suarez #19

Corey LaJoie #83

I heard on Dale's podcast that he was going to be handing out some signed hats. We were lucky enough to be in the front of the line heading into the drivers meeting, so both girls got a signed hat by Dale!! But for some odd reason I didn't take a picture of the kids with it while we were at the race. Guess we were just too excited about it!

Martin Truex Jr. #78 (Bummed that he walked right passed us, so we didn't get his autograph)

Aric Almirola #43


McKenna was being a real brat while we were standing there. I think she was just over all the walking we were doing and it was so hot and humid, that I think she just had enough. But then Jimmie Johnson came and McKenna was happier then ever. 

Ryan Newman #3
McKaila was one incredibly happy girl with her signed hat
McKenna didn't want a picture with her signed flag she just wanted to go sit down by grandma and grandpa

Danica had some bad luck once again

And the winner is MTJ (Martin Truex Jr.)

It was an incredibly long day for us, but it was so much fun. We were lucky to that it didn't rain because there was lots of rain in the forecast. We were notified the night before that they moved up the race an hour in hopes to get the whole race in before the rain started and they did!

We made some incredibly memories this weekend, ones I am sure we all won't forget!