Tuesday, May 1, 2018

McKenna's 5th Birthday

Our spunky, middle child is a whole hand old! 

McKenna really loves that she has a whole day dedicated to just her. She is one to make sure that she has all the attention on her, especially on her birthday. She was so excited to finally be 5 and be a big girl!! 

And I got to say, she showed that she was a big girl all day, by not touching her presents all day long. We told her that she couldn't open any of her presents until we got home from dinner, so she had a very long day of waiting, but she did awesome. 

Never once did she come up to me asking to just open 1 present, but she did take some guesses on what she was thinking she was going to get. 

Happiest girl! She got her Barbie house

A wallet to put all her tooth fairy money in

She's been eyeing the big barbie for so long

Barbie and a horse from Grandpa and Grandma Nancy

We already knew we would be short on time once we got home from dinner (the birthday girl chose Applebees for her birthday dinner) So, McKenna helped me bake the cake during the day and once we got back home, McKenna helped with decorating her cake. 

5 years old!! Wow!! 

It still feels like yesterday, we were rushing to the hospital to have her. 
She is a feisty little girl, but even with that, she is the sweetest big girl ever. She is the one that will come up to you and give you a huge hug for no reason and when she isn't being a pain in our butts she is always putting a smile on our faces. 

We love you, McKenna Grace!! 

Sunday, April 29, 2018

Estes Park

Auntie was flying out of Denver very late, but we still wanted to do some exploring, so we decided to hit up Estes Park, which is about an hour from Denver. We thought it would be the perfect place to explore before having to go to the airport. 

I am so glad we decided to head to Estes Park because... WOW!!! it's so beautiful there. Added bonus, the elk roam around freely around the city, which is pretty awesome to see. 

On our way out of the city, we saw a bunch of elk on the side on the road. Naturally, I had to have Courtney slow down so I could take pictures of them. Pretty awesome to see these huge animals up close like that.

My favorite picture of the elks

Estes Park is beyond beautiful and I can't wait to go back!! 

Friday, April 27, 2018

Curt Cowdy State Park


Oh my gosh!! I didn't realize how badly I missed my sister!! And now I miss her even more, now that she is gone! 

But it's not just me that misses her, the kids miss her and were so excited to have Auntie come visit. So excited, that we ended up putting both the girls beds in McKaila's room and another mattress in there for Auntie. They thought it was so cool to have a sleep over with Auntie every night she was here!

We started her first day in WY with some adventures to Curt Cowdy State Park. We had never been, but had been talking about wanting to go hiking there, so no better time, then while Auntie it in town. It was perfect weather. Not too hot and not too cold, just perfect. 

Before we started off our hiking adventures, we stopped at the visitors center and let the kids run around and play. 

Let the hiking begin. We decided to go on the hidden falls trail. It's close to a 4 mile hike and the kids did great. We had to make a few quick breaks a long the way, especially on the way up to the falls, but overall the kids did awesome! 

Once we got to the falls, McKenna and Logan went straight to the water. The water was extremely cold, but they didn't care. Where there is water, they will play. 

The falls are actually behind us, which you can't really see in the pictures. There is a water fall there, but not a very large one and it's kind of tucked away into the rocks, so it was hard to get pictures of it. But it was still very beautiful, especially with the surroundings. 

The kids think it's pretty awesome that we get to hike up the mountains, so now that the weather is more like spring weather, I know we are going to be spending our weekends on the hiking trails!